Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'Back to School' Mani

Hello gems!

Today I've decided to show you my back to school mani. I didn't want to do something school themed because...I don't know. I just didn't feel like it, I guess. Haha. So I did something a little different. Please excuse the bad paint job. I did this manicure on Monday morning and it has since chipped. :( But here it is!

My ring finger looks so bad. I'm sorry! Chipping. D:

 This is two coats of Nicole by OPI (NOPI) Mer-Made For Each Other with Orly Mermaid Tale on the accent nail. I swear I didn't do these two polishes together because they both have 'mermaid' in the name, although I love it! I actually was trying to find undies for the Orly for my swatch sticks and the NOPI looked best. I loved it so much I had to try it!

I LOVE the brushes in the NOPI bottles! They're thick and awesome and are really easy to use. You can basically cover like 90% of your nail in one swipe. I love it! Plus NOPI's generally have great formulas in my experience and Mer-Made For Each Other was no exception. The Orly was packed with glitter so I wiped a little bit of it off because I'm not the biggest fan of glitter AND I wanted it to be an accent, not take up the entire nail.

So, what do you think? Despite the ugly ring finger due to chipping and re-polishing, I'm quite happy with this manicure. :)

I'll be back tomorrow or Thursday with a blog post about Nail Art Society.

Thanks for reading!

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