Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nail Art Society Review

Hello ladies and gents!

As promised, here is the post about the Nail Art Society bags. I was lucky enough to subscribe before they raised the prices, so I pay $9.95/month instead of $19.95/month that it is now. So far I have only received the December and January bag. Here we go!

December bag:

Stella Luminous Nail Kit and nail art glue
Cherimoya Nail Polish Removal Pads
with Cuticle Oil - Orchid Scented
Cherimoya Matte N A Polish

I feel bad because this really isn't a fair review since I haven't used the Stella kit or the polish remover pads. BUT I have used other jewels and polish remover pads.

The Jewel Kit comes with a TON of different sized rhinestones and an orange stick. In my experience, the nail glue isn't entirely necessary to use with the rhinestones, but I change my manicure constantly. So if you want to keep your manicure for a while and want the rhinestones to stay, definitely use the nail glue.

I have used polish removal pads before and they are really oily (because of the cuticle oil) so I'm not really the biggest fan. They are definitely good for removing the nail polish but I don't think the cuticle oil is that great. When I use cuticle oil, I only put it around the cuticle and sides of the nails, but when you use the pads they get all over your fingers and it's very difficult to clean the oil off. They're probably good for on the go if you figure out a way to get the oil off of your fingers easily, but I don't like them.

Lastly, I received two Cherimoya Matte polishes in Blockbuster (silver) and Mystery (berry). When I first saw that they were matte, I was disappointed because matte is one of the 'trends' that I'm not a fan of. However, I decided to see what they looked like with a top coat and they looked 10 times better than without. The formula was great but a little thick, as is expected of matte polishes. But they was very easy to use and worked pretty well.
-Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of swatches because I just did a manicure (which I will post tomorrow) and didn't want to remove it because I love it so much. However, once this manicure comes off I will do swatches for you. I do have swatches on swatch sticks, so let me know if you would like to see those.

Onto the January Bag!

Swarovski Crystals
Stella Nail Art Tweezers
Layla Magneffect Polish

In my opinion, this bag was on par with the December bag, but the polishes are WAY better.
So first are the Swarovski crystals. Yes, I said that right. SWAROVSKI! I was shocked when I saw what they actually were. I'm sort of scared to use them because of what they are. I have drooled over their jewelry and such for a while, so I was thrilled to find out the brand. Anyways, I haven't used them yet because I'm afraid, but I'm sure they're more beautiful than regular rhinestones. I will use one or two when I post swatches of all of the polishes, I promise!
Next ar the Stella Nail Art Tweezers. I am sorry to say that they are horrible. :( I tried to use them to pick up the crystals from the flower case and not only did they not pick up the crystals, but they actually scratched the bottom of the case. Color me sad. :( They might work for other things, but they definitely don't work for the crystals.
Lastly are the Layla Magneffect polishes. Apparently we were supposed to receieve one of these polishes and also a black Stella nail art polish, but I receieved two of the Magneffects instead. I am not compaining! If you are familiar with Layla polish, you know how expensive they are. So getting two wasn't a problem. The problem was the fact that they're magnetic. Matte polish, magnetic seems that NAS is a little behind on trends. I have magnetic polish and they were fun while they lasted, but much like the crackle phase, the trend is long over. I have not tested the magnet, but will include swatches in the post with the rest.
Well, as you can see, I am not really that happy with these bags. I'm sure they worked for others, but they were old trends in my opinion. Was the value of the products worh it? I'll let you all decide. I will say that I'm staying subscribed to NAS for at least next month, but if they're anything like the past two bags, I may just save my money. Let me know what you think in the comments!

If you would like to subscribe, you can go to Nail Art Society's website.
Thanks for reading,

****I did not receive these bags to review, nor do I have any affiliation with Nail Art Society. I am just a customer.**** 


  1. that's weird, u didn't receive the black nail art polish, but 2 bottles of Layla when I rec'd one.

    1. I know! It's really odd, but since I already have a ton of nail stripers I didn't really complain. Haha.